Aiken is currently maintained by Lucas Rosa (opens in a new tab), Kasey White (opens in a new tab) and Matthias Benkort (opens in a new tab). You can check out the full list of contributors on GitHub (opens in a new tab).


The Cardano Foundation (opens in a new tab) supports the project by fueling its development with engineering resources. It is also one of the first pioneer to experiment with Aiken and use it for projects internally.


TxPipe (opens in a new tab) has been Aiken's original home, and still provides great support to the project as well as a room for discussion on their Discord server. Besides, TxPipe developed Pallas (opens in a new tab) -- Rust-native building blocks for the Cardano blockchain ecosystem -- which Aiken uses internally for some features. Through their platform demeter.run (opens in a new tab) they also provide infrastructure and streamlined access to Aiken.

Louis Pilfold

A substantial part of Aiken was forked from the Gleam language (opens in a new tab) made and maintained by Louis Pilfold. We are thankful for the love he's put into Gleam and are delighted to build on top of his excellent work.

Media kit

Need some media kit for a press release? Look no further, you can find Aiken's assets brand in aiken-lang/branding (opens in a new tab). Or just, download a zip archive (opens in a new tab) with everything in there.

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Social Card

Thanks to @nkz (opens in a new tab) for the work on the logo and © Hurcastock (opens in a new tab) for the stunning illustrations.

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Aiken is licensed under Apache-2.0 (opens in a new tab).