Installation Instructions

Via aikup

First, install aikup: a basic cross-platform utility tool to download and manage Aiken's across multiple versions and for seamless upgrades. Once installed, simply run:


aikup alone installs the latest version available. You can install specific versions by specifying a version number. For usage instructions, see aikup --help.

From a package manager


npm install -g @aiken-lang/aikup


brew install aiken-lang/tap/aikup

From url (Linux & MacOS)

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -LsSf | sh

From url (Windows)

powershell -c "irm | iex"

You can also find an MSI here (opens in a new tab).

Language Server

The aiken command-line comes with a built-in language server (opens in a new tab). If needed, configure your language client with the following configuration (refer to your language client's instructions):

  • command: aiken lsp (the command is hidden from the command-line help usage)
  • root pattern: aiken.toml
  • filetype: aiken (.ak)

The language server supports a variety of capabilities (but not all). For more details, please refer to the supported capabilities (opens in a new tab) on the main repository.


The command-line comes with few auto-completion scripts for bash, zsh and fish users. The scripts can be obtained using the aiken completion <shell> command. You can install completions on their standard/default locations as follows:

aiken completion bash --install
# or, manually
aiken completion bash > /usr/local/share/bash-completion/completions/aiken
source /usr/local/share/bash-completion/completions/aiken

Editor integrations

The following plugins provide syntax highlighting and indentation rules for Aiken.

VSCodeaiken-lang/vscode-aiken (opens in a new tab)
Vim/Neovimaiken-lang/editor-integration-nvim (opens in a new tab)
Emacsaiken-lang/aiken-mode (opens in a new tab)